Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM is an author, consultant, speaker, health care practitioner, and certified nurse midwife with a special interest in Women's Health.


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Speaker and Program Testimonials

Words of praise for Susan Fekety from audience members and program participants.

"Excellent presentation—let's do this again next year!"

"This one hour session could have quite easily been 3-5 hours. Susan was extremely knowledgeable and very easy to listen to. I learned a great deal as well as heard things that verified things I already knew."

"Very beneficial—able to present technical medical information in a way that is easy to understand."

"Susan was terrific—there was a great response!"


"Great, practical information—excellent!"

"I'd recommend it to a friend, and I'd take it again."

"Smooth and calm speaker, easy to listen to."

"Broad and excellent knowledge of the topic. Appreciated information on specific ingredients in foods and shopping tips."

"The class was comfortable and I appreciated the flowers. It was great to be able to talk freely."

"Very pleasant; it was clear she took an interest in each of us."

"I really enjoyed doing the visualization and I felt a real response!"

"Wonderful presenter! Very clear and informative."

"Excellent. A peaceful presence."

"Susan was very caring and nonjudgmental in her approach. I liked that she mentioned how everyone is very individual within the range of Ďaverage'."

"The small group setting felt very safe, and Susan was very receptive to individual circumstances."

"Real knowledgeable!"

"This presentation was wonderful. Susan knows her stuff—a well-versed speaker."

"Great relaxed environment."

"You covered a lot of information in a very short time and still left time for questions! Great job!"

"Conversational style was a real treat."

"Great overview of a topic I know is really complicated!"

"Overall very knowledgeable—very helpful."

"Really sparked my interest in doing more research and reading. Amazing to me how little we know!"

"Wonderful information—thank you!"

"Excellent references and resource list."

"Terrific—I enjoyed it tremendously!"

"The clear connection between healthy eating and adrenal health was most useful. Thank you so much!"

"Lots of information, very well presented."

"After the class, I really wanted some good food!"

"Lots of information and a level of detail that was new and useful."

"Definitely jump-started me again to look at what, when, and how I eat."

"I got a lot of good information and great explanations and answers to my questions about the right foods to eat."

"I loved the format of seminar/lecture style and time for questions and answers as well as conversation and reflection. Really helped me get clear on how to get my diet working for my lifestyle!"

Working with Susan Fekety as a Speaker, Presenter, and Program Facilitator

Contact Susan Fekety by email at or by traditional mail at PO Box 1721, Portland, Maine 04104-1721 to discuss her upcoming programs, inquire about a previous engagement, invite her to speak to your organization, or engage her to develop a custom program just for you.

Looking for More?

Susan is the author of numerous health and wellness articles, features, newsletters, and has authored and co-authored two books. also a practicing health care provider at Healthy Living Health Care located in Falmouth, Maine (just north of Portland).  There, she provides a range of services for women and men, including lifestyle and nutrition counseling as well as women's health services.

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