Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM is an author, consultant, speaker, health care practitioner, and certified nurse midwife with a special interest in Women's Health.


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Articles & Features by Susan Fekety

Susan Fekety has been putting pen to paper (and, more recently, fingers to keyboard) for many years. A former columnist for the biweekly newsmagazine of Southern Maine, The Maine Switch, and the monthly eco-spiritual e-magazine, Spirit Living, she loves to share her perspective on a variety of health, lifestyle, and sometimes more arcane topics. You can read her articles by clicking a title below.

Timely Topics by Susan Fekety
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ARTICLES: On Eating Well

(2004) Can You Really Use Chocolate to Heal Your Broken Heart?
(2007) Is Your Diet Soda Making You Fat? (Artificial sweeteners)
(2007) But What Do I Do with Tofu? (Soy foods pros and cons)
(2007) Change Your Relationship with Turkey (includes FABULOUS Tofu Turkey recipe)
(2007) Eat to Beat Inflammation
(2007) Please Don't Bring Me Donuts (Low-Glycemic Diets)
(2008) Are You on the Sumo Diet? (Food Habits of the Intentionally Obese)
(2008) Eat Like a Caveman? (The Paleolithic Diet)
(2008) Fear Not Eggs
(2008) Feed Your Face: Nutrition for Clearer Skin
(2008) Hungry for Spring? (Vitamin D)
(2008) Are You a Mycophile or a Mycophobe? (Mushrooms)
(2008) Please Don't Sing Me that Song Again! (You know, the one about beans, beans...)
(2008) Old Country Buffet (Food Choices in Hostile Territory)
(2008) Slow Food in the Fast Lane (Healthy Choices When You're on the Run)
(2008) Some Thoughts on Salt
(2008) The Whole Balance Thing (Acid-Alkaline Diets)
(2008) Think of It as Bra-Acoli (Breast Cancer Awareness)
(2008) Would You Like That Grilled or Raw? (Raw Diets)
(2008) Have Your Way with a Winter Squash
(2009) Broken-Hearted about my Bars (snack/meal bars)
(2009) Lion Hearts or the Pasta Party? (Food 101 for Athletes)
(2009) SUSHI: Step AWAY from the Wasabi Paste!
(2007, 2010) What's Gluten Anyway (and My Gluten Cheat Sheet)?

ARTICLES: On Healthy Lifestyles

(2004) One Size Does Not Fit All (Obesity Epidemic and Fat Discrimination)
(2005) It Is the Thought that Counts (Using Affirmations)
(2005) Self Care Isn't Selfish
(2007) Supplements and Safety
(2008) How About Some Green Tea with that Dioxin?
(2008) It's not MY Food Pyramid!
(2008) Nutrition for Seven Generations (Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics)
(2008) Sarcopenia: It's Not one of the Balkan States (Body Composition and Lost Muscle Mass)
(2009) K-iss Me K-ate (VITAMIN K)
(2009) LEARNING THE HARD WAY: Thoughts on Food Safety

ARTICLES: For Women Only

(2006) Irregular Menstrual Periods
(2007) Beyond Chocolate: Food Solutions for PMS
(2007) What to Eat Before You're Expecting

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All articles © Copyright 2008-10 by Susan Fekety. All rights reserved worldwide. These articles are provided for informational purposes only. There content is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own health care professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem promptly contact your health care provider.

Working with Susan Fekety as an Author

Contact Susan Fekety by email at or by traditional mail at PO Box 1721, Portland, Maine 04104-1721 to discuss her latest writing efforts, inquire about a previous article, or discuss a possible project with her.

Looking for More?

Susan works with individuals and groups through company workshops, seminars, corporate programs, and speaking engagements. She is also a practicing health care provider at Healthy Living Health Care located in Falmouth, Maine (just north of Portland). There, she provides a range of services for women and men, including lifestyle and nutrition counseling as well as women's health services.

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