Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM is an author, consultant, speaker, health care practitioner, and certified nurse midwife with a special interest in Women's Health.


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What Patients Say

Susan Fekety focuses on the human-powered side of health and medicine. She enjoys working with people who want to live healthy lifestyles—whether that means exploring ways to prevent heart disease with delicious food, navigating menopause and aging without medicines, caring well for your body without giving up your day job, or tapping into the mind-body connection for a healthier pregnancy. A literate, critical thinker who gets quickly to the meat of the matter, Susan is warm, compassionate, and "different"—in a good way.

Here's what patients have to say about their experiences with her:

"Susan takes time to review and discuss all options. She helps create a space in which one feels comfortable to discuss/open up options."

"I appreciate the full attention to my overall health—physically and emotionally."

"[Susan gave] very personalized care. Susan was real, not removed. She was concerned, not calloused, warm and sensitive and in tune with my body/spirit strengths and weaknesses. [She] opened my eyes to womanhood."

"She listened. She ultimately let me choose the first step I wanted to take after the appointment. And she was non-judgmental and easy to talk to."

"[I really liked] her comforting manner and compassion."

"Susan rocks!"

"I liked [that] she was not in a hurry answering my questions."

"I left feeling great about my annual physical!"

"[Susan] really cares and listens."

"I think the amount charged was fair. You well deserve it. Susan is wonderful, as are all who I've met at True North."

"I absolutely feel that I got good value for what I paid."

"[Susan] stresses priorities like taking care of myself."

"[Susan provided] great information on caring for my body."

"I tell other people that you don't need to see a counselor if you're seeing Susan for your annual. You talk about everything with her, A to Z, soup to nuts. She is interested in what's going on in your life externally and internally. I love that we spend about an hour talking in her office before going to the exam room. The exam space is warm and inviting, homey, not clinical."

"It's about the conversation, not just a quick in and out visit. She wants to know who I am."

"[Susan] respected my own opinion about my body."

"At one point I came in with bad gastric pains that no one had been able to help me with. Susan discovered I have a food allergy. She told me to eliminate wheat from my diet and ever since, I've felt so much better."

"The emphasis is on creating health and that's what I want and need. It is by far worth what I'm paying."

"When Susan moved to True North, I followed her and continue to see her for my annual every year. I liked her so much that I would have followed her anywhere. With Susan, it is so much more than just a practitioner patient relationship. She is so warm and open."

"[She] took time to ask about my history in detail."

"I used to eat from the four food groups: pasta, pizza, Pepsi, and pretzels, until I got very sick and knew I had to change my diet. When they told me I needed protein, I looked for it in the vending machine next to the pretzels and when I didn't find it, I didn't quite know what to do. Well, I've come a long way since then!"

Working with Susan

You can call Healthy Living Health Care at (207) 619-8393 to set up a 15-minute phone or in-person appointment with Susan at no charge. Though no medical advice can be provided during this introductory conversation, this is a great way to get basic questions answered and decide next steps. Rest assured, if Susan is not the right practitioner for you, she will help you get connected to someone better suited to your particular needs.

Looking for More than a Patient-Provider Relationship?

Susan works with individuals and groups through company workshops, seminars, corporate programs, and speaking engagements, and is the author of numerous health and wellness articles, features, newsletters, and has authored and co-authored two books.

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