Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM is an author, consultant, speaker, health care practitioner, and certified nurse midwife with a special interest in Women's Health.


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Thinking Seriously about Taking Better Care of Yourself?

Susan Fekety is a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife with a Master's of Science in Nursing. She has been a health care practitioner for 25 years . . . and counting.

Susan's focus is on the human-powered side of health and medicine. She enjoys working with people who want to live healthy lifestyles—whether that means exploring ways to prevent heart disease with delicious food, navigating menopause and aging without medicines, caring well for your body without giving up your day job, or tapping into the mind-body connection for a healthier pregnancy. A literate, critical thinker who gets quickly to the meat of the matter, Susan is warm, compassionate, and "different"—in a good way.

If you're . . .

  • Aware your health problems could be managed better with improved nutrition, activity, and relaxation but you haven't a clue where to begin . . .

  • So far overdue for your annual physical and/or Pap smear that you're embarrassed to call for an appointment . . .

  • Pretty sure that a routine office visit in a busy medical practice isn't going to get you a solid wellness solution, let alone help to put your plan into action . . .


Susan is the founder of Healthy Living Health Care in Falmouth, Maine where she maintains a private practice. There, Susan provides a range of outpatient services for women and men, including lifestyle and nutrition counseling as well as comprehensive women's health services.  Previously, she practiced at True North, a nationally-recognized, innovative, and progressive multi-specialty group practice also located in Falmouth, Maine (just north of Portland).

You can call Healthy Living Health Care at (207) 619-8393 to set up a 15-minute phone or in-person appointment with Susan at no charge. Though no medical advice can be provided during this introductory conversation, this is a great way to get basic questions answered and decide next steps. Rest assured, if Susan is not the right practitioner for you, she will help you get connected to someone better suited to your particular needs.

Looking for More than a Patient-Provider Relationship?

Susan works with individuals and groups through company workshops, seminars, corporate programs, and speaking engagements, and is the author of numerous health and wellness articles, features, newsletters, and has authored and co-authored two books.

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