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It Is the Thought that Counts! – Using Personalized Affirmations to Get What You Want



by Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM



You should see my house. It's pretty normal-looking from the outside, but when you go inside there are post-it notes, index cards and signs all over, reminding me of my intentions for this or that. Many people would think I am nuts, but I have to tell you – I am a big believer in the power of affirmation statements, and I think you should think about becoming one, too. They work!

Affirmations are positive, inspiring statements you write down and repeat to yourself (silently or out loud) in support of a goal or to counteract a fear. Your thoughts are road maps; affirmations help you plot your route. They're a way to rewrite your "tapes." Doesn't your critical inner voice need a new script? If you feel you're stuck on a particular issue (love, money, career, health, spirituality, etc) consider developing an affirmation habit to get you out of your rut.

Although it seems almost silly to think this, your thoughts definitely make things happen on the physical plane. For example, think what happens when you feel embarrassed. You think an icky thought, and the next thing you know you're red as a beet. Your body heard what you thought! With affirmations, you can move your thoughts towards what you'd like to see in your body or even in the world around you. You'd be amazed at the changes you can make!

The best affirmations are the ones you write for yourself, in your own language, directed towards your specific issues. If you have a goal you'd like to work towards, consider writing yourself an affirmation or two to print and post where you see them several times a day. On the bathroom mirror, above your desk, on your treadmill, maybe! Affirmations are purposefully crafted in positive language "I easily accomplish my workout goal for today." rather than "I really hate my flabby thighs." and as though the desired outcome is already present on the physical plane in the here and now: "I gratefully receive a large sum of money from an unexpected source." rather than "I will get rich quick somehow." Say it enough, and you'll find things beginning to change. Really!

If you find you have a lot of resistance to an affirmation, like "No way that one's gonna come true," take some time to write those responses down. We all have resistance when we see something we deeply desire. Those objecting voices give you a place to start to create your own custom affirmation program. Once you identify your particular inner block, turn it upside down and state it positively for yourself. For instance, if your resistant voice says "You're too old to fall in love!" you could develop an affirmation like "My loving relationships improve as I mature." Get the idea?

Affirmations let you choose your own station on your inner radio instead of listening to the pre-sets. Can you picture what you want as though you already had it? If so, you've taken the first most crucial step towards really being there!




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